Climate Controlled Drive Up Storage

Published on 12/24/2020
At Berwick Self Storage, we know that finding the right storage space is essential to your needs. That's why we opened up a new building with outdoor accessible climate-controlled units for your self storage needs. You need a convenient and secure place to store your precious property. With 24-hour access, digital video surveillance, and drive-up access, we have everything you need. This also includes mini-storage spaces available. 

While these climate-controlled units have become quite common, they are usually inside an interior building. This can make things challenging if you need drive-up access. This is why outdoor accessible units are the newest and best option. They have a lot of benefits, designs, and the costs will vary depending on your needs. Currently, we have eleven outdoor accessible climate-controlled units on site in the 10'x10' and 10'x15' sizes.

It doesn't matter if it's 100-degrees outside or subzero temperatures. Temperature changes can significantly affect your property if they're in a storage space that isn't environmentally regulated. Your property will be better protected in these climate-controlled spaces no matter how extreme the conditions. 

You can take advantage of these benefits for your new storage space:
Drive-up Access: You need exterior-access so you can get your stuff whenever you need it. This gives you the convenience you require. 
Design concept:  Our climate-controlled public storage units are built specifically for drive-up and outdoor access. This includes insulated exterior door jambs that are energy code compliant. Each unit is customized to security, so it follows the double-lock approach that is the industry standard in self storage. After all, security is a big concern for many people, and we take that seriously. 
Insulation: Keeping your unit heated when cold and cool in the warmer months take proper insulation. To combat this, each unit features insulated interior walls. This prevents too much heat from being lost. When it comes to the whole HVAC system, there will be a vent in each unit, so the current heat or cool air is pushed into your unit for the perfect climate-controlled space.
Overall Cost: Compared to traditional mini storage or public storage unit, you will pay a little more. 
Prevents damage: Even though you may pay a little more for a climate-controlled space, you'll save on replacing or even repairing what you have stored. They keep items from warping or cracking. This is especially helpful for wood products. You'll see a reduction in yellowing or degradation of fabrics or leather. It will also keep mildew, pests, and mold from creeping in and causing health problems. These units will also protect your items from rusting and corroding and keep electronic devices and components safe.
Peace of mind: Our units are built to protect your property. We also offer digital surveillance as an extra security measure. Plus, the climate-controlled unit provides an additional layer of protection to your valuables.

At Berwick Self Storage, we want to make sure that your public storage needs are taken care of. Contact us today to see what we have available in our outdoor accessible climate-controlled storage units. We are customer-focused and have a variety of units available.